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If you want to set up a small office, a school or an NGO in a rural area we can help you setup the IT System including the back-end support at very competitive rates to facilitate a smooth running of your operations

we collect all the items pertaining to electric and electronic items, for Recycling and Reuse: To name some are the following:

  1.   Computer and peripherals
  2.   Printers
  3.   Fax and Copiers
  4.   CDs & floppies
  5.   Tapes
  6.   Cartridges
  7.   Printed circuit Boards
  8.   Mother Boards and Components
  9.   Cell Phones
  10.   Pagers
  11.   Telephones
  12.   Servers
  13.   Audio & Video Devices
  14.   Refrigerators
  15.   Washing machines
  16.   Industrial and Household Electrical and Electronics items